Rena’s creative, spirited, witty, and sometimes unpredictable style will leave your audiences wanting more.

Rena is a high-energy speaker with a passion to challenge, motivate, lead, refresh, and encourage. Her inspiration helps people take on life’s challenges, not with fear, but with boldness, courage, and purposeful living.

Her talent lies in helping listeners simplify the complex into clear-cut goals, action steps, and results. Her creative, spirited, witty, and sometimes unpredictable style leaves her audiences wanting more.

Her direct and honest bottom-line approach has helped leaders of international organizations like Business Network International (BNI), Xerox, Project Management Institute, Northwestern Mutual, United Way, Magna Corporation, and many others find solutions that make a difference.

Rena co-authored the bestselling book, Building the Ultimate Network. Her honest, practical, and often humorous approach to life makes her a sought-after keynote speaker.

Rena is a certified business coach and holds an MBA from the University of Iowa.

Rena’s speaking topics:

  • Living With Purpose
  • Taking a Leap
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Crazy Wonderful _____ !
  • Leadership…You Have Everything You Need

Speaking topics can be tailored or customized to a fit a theme or special focus of your event.

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I have spent thousands upon thousands at out of town seminars and yet within a few months of coaching with Rena, I have gotten far more accomplished and achieved better results. If only I had known her a few years ago…the money and headaches I could have saved! Rena’s great to work with.

Roye Dillion

Business Unit Leader at True North Outdoor

I attended a seminar that Rena presented and was immediately able to put her advice to work. Rena has a unique approach that helps participants clarify their thinking and perception that I have rarely seen in other presenters. I’m positive she must have seen the light bulb that went on over my heard several times during the presentation as I thought, “Hmm, I never looked at it that way before!” Her approach helped me focus my business and win a large project. I have heard Rena present several times since then and every time I come away with effective tools to improve my business.

Terry Matz

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West Des Moines, IA

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