Do you have the courage to break through?

Are you ready to take the “messy” in life and turn it from complicated to simple? From fuzziness to clarity? From lack of direction to purpose?

You’ve come to the right place.

Everyone needs courage to break through. Living afraid can hold us back, keep us stuck, and limit our potential. It’s time to make a courageous life your reality…to use your life lessons to transform your actions and align your passion with your purpose.

It’s time to find solutions that really make a difference. It’s time to embrace the “messy,” and revive the “real” in you!”

Be bold. Be courageous. Challenge yourself. Go all in!

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“Rena is simply amazing! I highly recommend her to any person or business looking for a creative, energetic, high-level-thinking strategist who makes every person (at every level) comfortable. She has an uncanny way of assisting me in seeing what I haven’t been able to see before, and showing me I have the strength to make changes that I knew needed to be made. I cannot stress how fortunate I feel to have had the opportunity to work with Rena and I look forward to a long-term business relationship!”

Tashia Roffey

Executive Director


Do you want to get unstuck…to break through your obstacles, your roadblocks, and your fears? Check out the “Courage to Break Through” podcast and hear how people took life lessons and transformed them in to making a courageous life a reality.

Rebelling against the past can unleash your extraordinary future!


Coach, Speaker, & Author

I’ve had plenty of “aha” moments in life that have changed me, molded me, and shaped my decisions. I’ve learned many valuable lessons from the past so that I always welcome the next adventure.

Over the years, I have formed a deep-rooted strength, mental toughness, and courage that has allowed me to break through many of life’s challenges. I’ve embraced the “messy” in life and revived the “real.” Deep within me is the desire to help you do the same.


Have you ever been stuck in life? You’re not alone. So many of us find ourselves trapped in old habits, negative thoughts, faulty behaviors, and unhealthy patterns.

Well…it’s time to break through! To really get unstuck, to focus on your life’s purpose, and to find solutions that will provide authentic and lasting change.

When we work together, I promise you I will be direct and honest. I will pay attention. I’ll be relentless and rebellious. I’m invested in you and your results. And I’m real. And I want to uncover the “real” in you!


Our workshops will help you take on life’s challenges, not with fear, but with boldness, courage, and purposeful living. Our high-energy approach will challenge, motivate, refresh, and encourage you.


An honest, practical, and often humorous approach to life makes Rena a sought-after keynote speaker.

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