I’m invested in you and your results. And I want to be your coach.

Why hire me as your coach? I will be direct and honest. I will pay attention. I’ll be relentless and rebellious. I’ll be invested in you and your results.

A successful coaching relationship is a lot about getting a different perspective on what you are simply not seeing. Perhaps you are too close to your situation, your thoughts aren’t processing the right solution, or you’re just stuck. Whatever the case, as your coach, I’ll lead you toward a new perspective, offer accountability, and provide clarity to unleash your potential.

Whether it’s one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or in-person live events, deep within me is the desire to be your coach to help you take on life’s challenges, not with fear, but with boldness, courage, and purposeful living.

Aside from being an all-around wonderful person, Rena is an amazing coach! Her coaching is extremely well organized, on point, and, most importantly, tailored to fit the client. She works with you to find solutions that suit your unique situation and personality, and then holds you accountable for implementing those solutions. I can now accomplish more in two hours than I used to accomplish in one day!!! Hiring Rena was hands down the best thing I could do for myself and my business. I recommend her without hesitation.

Shelly Patterson

Principal at Shelly Schiebel Patterson, L.C.

I have had the privilege of hiring Rena to coach my company from a struggling start-up to a successful small business. Rena is uniquely gifted at being able to quickly understand the day-to-day struggles and to help work with the owner to determine creative solutions to properly grow a business. She has done a phenomenal job in helping us set goals, holding us accountable to achieving those goals, and giving us the tools. Rena has made herself so valuable to our company that I foresee her being a part of every phase as we continue to grow. I would highly recommend Rena! Rena has great integrity not displayed by every coach. As an added bonus, Rena is very reasonably priced and will pay for herself in bottom-line results quickly.

Amy Driver

Principal/Owner at Digital Division

Working with you on our coaching has paid off in so many ways! First, your fun, upbeat and positive personality made tackling some tough issues so easy. We have taken the information and ideas you provided to us and use it daily! There were so many planning issues and conditions we were not prepared to handle until we met you. Thank you Rena…you are the best!! 

Shawn Moulan

Owner, BeneServ

I have found Rena to be very thorough, approachable and capable.

Jerry Bowman

Creative Benefits, Harrisonville, Missouri

 Rena Striegel is a tremendous business partner, and someone you should strongly consider engaging when you choose to work “on your business.” Her clear focus and genuine commitment for the success of business organizations and the people who dare to achieve great things has been demonstrated many times over. Her energetic style and enthusiasm cannot help but be inspiring to a business in need of her organizational leadership skills. Reach out to Rena if you are looking for that one ingredient missing from your future.

Randy Krug


Rena has helped me get refocused and energized. Mapped out a new business plan, with weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Her energy, enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you, Rena!

Pat Hill

Relocation Specialist Team ReMax, Overland Park, Kansas

4125 Westown Parkway, Suite 104

West Des Moines, IA

(515) 225-4486